About us

Westfjord, Iceland

For the last decades many communities in the Arctic have been struggling with a decline in population, mainly driven by urbanisation, a trend where an increased number of people are drawn to larger towns and cities. This trend is still very much alive, but now we also see an increasing interest in remote communities in the Arctic. An interest both when it comes to increased tourism and increased numbers of adventure seekers, and when it comes to people that want to move to small communities in the Arctic either permanently or for a period, seeking other values and a different lifestyle than in the big towns and cities.

The increased interest for the Arctic and communities in the Arctic is a real potential for small villages and towns in the Arctic when it comes to attracting new residence either on permanent basis or “in residence for a period”. 

The In Residence in the Arctic platform is a tool for communities to invite people to become part of their communities for a shorter or longer period of time, which also might result in new residents on a more permanent basis. 

The purpose of the platform is not to attract tourists, but to attract for example skilled workers, remote workers or families that give “something” to the community, while they are in residence in the community. 

The general idea behind the In Residence in the Arctic program is inspired by discussions in the NORA group Nordatlantisk Tankesmie / North Atlantic Thinktank an organisation under NORA.

Do you want to become a host and join the In Residence in the Arctic platform, feel free to write us an email info@inresidenceinthearctic.com 

See also Guidelines for hosts.

Steering group
Dennis Holm, Vágur (Faroe Islands)
Eli-Grete Høyvik, Balestrand (Norway)
Arnar Sigurdsson, Reykjavík (Iceland)