Why the westfjords?


January 17, 2022

By Sonia Sars

"It's good that they are not here. At least they don't cover the view" said Michael. 
"You fool! The trees are the view!", I responded in a slightly exaggerated manner. 
But this is no joke. Far beyond being a view, forest is home. Sweating in the summer just because you breath is home. Autumn leaves painting the park red and yellow is home. So what the heck am I doing for the last seven years living in Iceland? And what in the world made me trading - now seemingly sub-tropical and metropolitan - environment of Reykjavik for the Westfjords?
The answer is simple. People. 

For me, the Westfjords are people. Kind, smart, resourceful and relaxed. Environment here can be rough and there are no resources to waste. That applies also to people, the skills and the enthusiasm they bring in. The dominating narrative points at the city as a place where opportunities are bountiful and anything is possible. But in my experience it is the Westfjords that offer a space for growth and contribution. Will these supportive circumstances prove to be prevailing and contextual rather than ephemeral is yet to be seen. At this point I feel trusting, capable and optimistic about what is possible here.

There are small but significant benefits to living here. I enjoy walking as my main form of commuting. I like wearing wool socks in my cozy office. I love picking up fresh vegetables from the CSA. I appreciate clear air and little noise. But it was a set of bright minds and open hearts that lured me in and continues to make me want to stay.